Contact Information

Dr. Christopher Hadad
Department of Chemistry
The Ohio State University
100 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Phone: (614) 688-3141

Hadad Group Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

  Name/E-Mail Joined Education
Kate Katharine Cahill

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November 2013

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry
University of New Hampshire, 2013

B.A., Classics
Reed College, 2000

Jojo Jojo Joseph

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October 2013

Ph.D., Chemistry
The University of Akron, 2013

M.S., Chemistry
Mahatma Gandhi University, 2006

Paul Paul Peterson

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July 2013

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry
Florida State University, 2013

B.A., Chemistry
The Ohio State University, 2002

chuck Mrinal (Chuck) Chakraborty

Email Chuck

September 2012

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry
Miami University of Ohio, 2012

M.S., Chemistry
Indian Istitute of Technology Bombay, 2007

Jeremy Erb

Email Jeremy

August 2012

Ph.D., Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University, 2012

M.S., Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University, 2010

Miami University of Ohio, 2007

Shameema Oottikkal

Email Shameema

July 2010

Ph.D., Theoretical Chemistry
IISc Bangalore, 2010

M.S., Chemistry
University of Calicut, 2005

Graduate Students

  Name/E-Mail Joined Education

Shane Polen

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January 2013 B.A., Chemistry
Washington and Jefferson College, 2010
RyanM Ryan M. McKenney

Email Ryan

January 2013 B.S., ACS Comprehensive Chemistry
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, 2012
Ben Benjamin Garrett

Email Ben

January 2013 B.S., Chemistry
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2010
Tom Thomas Corrigan

Email Tom

January 2013 B.S., Chemistry
Bowling Green State University, 2012
Bill William Coldren

Email Bill

January 2013 B.S., Chemistry
University of Maryland, 2012
Qinggeng Zhuang

Email Qinggeng

January 2012 B.S., Applied Chemistry (Chemical Biology)
Wuhan University, China, 2011
Jason Brown

Email Jason

January 2010 B.S., Chemistry
West Liberty University, WV, 2009
Ryan Yoder

Email Ryan

March 2009 B.S., Chemistry
Ohio Wesleyan University, 2008

Undergraduate Students

  Name/E-Mail Joined Current Education
Alyssa Sherry January 2012 Chemistry, 2014